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"If you are able to get a TV producer interested in the series there is reason to think that the material would provide scripting for several seasons of shows that could easily become as popular as 'Star Trek".
Owen Jones - Denison, Texas

Received 12/21/2011
Thank you so much. I finished reading it at the end of November and enjoyed it very much. How fun it was to see that the final location for the teleportation facility was to be in [EDIITED]  Best wishes for you in your writing career and for prosperous New Year. Peggy Hale

Received 1/21/2011

Hi Rob,

Finally just finished reading book two in the series. All I can say is absolutely fantastic. Truly, thoroughly great read.
Your way of peace for mankind of not only this planet but others that may be out there, is totally in line with my way of perceiving it for the future.

Les (Stevens)

On Sun, Dec 26, 2010 Patti Barr wrote:
Hi Rob,
I've read 2 of your Everywhere books so far & am half way through the 3rd. I just had to stop & write to tell you what I think so far...Wow!!
You've done a Fantastic job! Your Characters are well written and very believable. I am an Avid reader and just love Science Fiction, your stories are great. Well thought out plots & a believable story-line as well.
You make it sound like the inventions in your books are just around the corner from being reality.
Please Keep Writing!! I can see many more books in this series with many more Great Adventures for your characters.
I look forward to reading more on the continuing adventures Everywhere!
Patti Barr/SilverDark

It is now 11:22pm local time and I have just finished reading your book.
What a marvelous effort, absolutely loved it and hence the lateness could not stop until it was read through.
I can not say I totally agree with, what I perceive to be, your own religious belief, however, I can say that I agree with you on the premise of spiritual help and guidance.
In fact I truly believe that the method of transportation, as described by you, is within our reach but, more possibly from within ourselves rather than the use of devices. But then, that is another story.
Regardless of beliefs, I wanted to let you know how very much the book was enjoyed and when funds permit, I shall follow up on the others.
I also very much wish you all the very best with your current endeavors.
Very best regards
Les Stevens

Special Preview Excerpts from Book IV, 'Everywhere in the Alpha Dimension'. This is a pre-publication excerpt. (Since published) (**Note these excerpts lose some of their formatting such as italics for this web page.) Also, these excerpts; indeed, all of book IV draws heavily on the readers knowledge of the characters and events of the first three books. You will understand and appreciate these excerpts much more if you have read the first three. If this is your first visit, please read the many reviews after the excerpts.

"John Royston thinks, with all the technology we have in three galaxies, you would think this chore would be easier. The former journalist turned Galactic leader and renowned statesman is referring to his present parental task of changing his granddaughter, Elizabeth Marie Royston’s diaper. She is a happy cute and cuddly six month-old baby who can’t hold still for one second. Well, at least they have leak-proof diapers now, he thinks as he wins the small scuffle, completing the task.

Meredith slyly smiles as she stands off to the side holding their own baby, Corey Henry Royston, just three months younger than Beth. The First Mom of the Galaxy watches her husband’s predicament. She starts to offer him advice on keeping little Beth’s attention on something else while he changes her, but Meredith enjoys watching him squirm over the situation too much."... For more preview excerpts enter your request via the Guest book on the home page or email them and Rob will email more preview excerpts to you. (Since published. Now you can ask for Book V!)
The latest Review from an excited fan...
Joe Starr's Review of "From Here To Everywhere": 04-22-2009

"From Here To Everywhere" is a REMARKABLE Book in every sense of the word.  Honestly, I found it hard to put down.  It's one of those stories that you look into and want it to be real and seriously consider if it could be possible (meaning the discovery of teleportation, etc).  I have written for National Television, Stage, Film and Periodicals.  And in my professional opinion,  the entire "Everywhere Book Series" is definitely headed for best-seller status, as well as a potential top TV show or feature film version or maybe even both.  END. Joe Starr AKA Joseph Starnes.

The Below comment is from a reader of the Book 5 E-Novel, "Everywhere Enemies: Foreign and Domestic:
" You have captured the boundless capacity of evil to seek means to destroy all that is good and worthwhile.  As always the faith, tireless determination and courage of the Royston family and friends stands against all odds and opposes the evil.  With each book, the depth and dimension of the characters continues to amaze.  These people are known to me as though they live!  The ending was literally profound as we see what nearly was not . . . . .  Wow.    It's been so long since I read it that I am going to reread it.  May write you with additional comments after I do.
Just one final comment before I begin my re-read of Book V.  Your books give the reader hope and new perspective. Going to reread now . . . . ."
                              Angie Turbak - Fuquay Varina, North Carolina\

"Got your book (From Here to Everywhere) and took some time away from my PC to read it, trouble was I could not put it down. I am not one for Sci-fi, but I loved it!! The characters were so believable that I almost felt like I knew them. You are a great writer!"
Shirley Guyomard,  Sydney, Nova Scotia

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading your first book. I could hardly put it down cause I was always wondering what is going to happen next. Can't wait to read the other books." - Benjamin Jaeg, USMC

- Dave Bledsoe, Retail Manager, Dalton, Georgia.

My readings for many years have centered on the scriptures, history, especially on early American history so when I was invited to read Rob Joseph's "From Here to Everywhere," a science fiction novel, my inclination was to ignore it.
    But I didn't, and am I glad I didn't ignore that invitation. Once I read the prologue I was hooked. It was hard to put down. I even carried it with me to my doctor's appointments. 
    Never having read a sci/fiction novel before I wasn't quite sure what to expect but Joseph's characters quickly came alive for me, and his locations were real for me. Having traveled much of the United States during my business career I was able to move from action location to action location with ease, having been to many of the novel's action locations many times.
    When I mentioned this book to a friend he told me his 12 year grandson had 'absorbed' it and found all four of Joseph's books fascinating.
    Joseph has taken a principle, perhaps an eternal law, and woven a story around it that helps one better understand how Christ was able to rise from the tomb after his cruifixion, reappear to Martha at the open tomb, then be with his disciples and teach them for 40 days before rising again to His throne on high.
    An exciting novel for readers of all ages, from 12 to near 80, as I am.
Donald Conkey - Woodstock, Georgia
"I can honestly say that from sharing some of the same idealogy as this great author, Mr. Robert Joseph, this book had me feeling as if I were a part of it. I was captivated by the storyline and fell in love with the characters and their families. This book is fantastic. I found it action-packed to the point of not being able to put the book down. Since I have finished "From Here to Everywhere", I am excitedly anxious to begin the next book of the Series, "Everywhere and Beyond". We look forward to sharing many more great stories from this talented author. Keep up the great works." Dianne Lopez - Dalton, Georgia

"I've been reading From Here to Everywhere all day between customers. I'm  enjoying it very much. And I must say you are especially skilled at capturing the dynamics and nuances of relationships between people.  You nail the interplay between parents and children, between friends, co-workers and reporters and bureaucrats. Really good stuff... Finished From Here to Everywhere. Yes, Heinrich was a baddie. Liked that John and Meredith got together. The imagination you showed in creating this story is impressive. My hat's off to you.   Regards, Gary Tanner - Rocky Face, Georgia

"Just finished "Everywhere and Beyond."  Thoroughly enjoyed both  the first and second books... As I have read the two books my thoughts have been that the whole concept would be a great basis for an exciting TV series... There is certainly enough material and story line presented to create a series that could run for several seasons."  
  Keep up the good writing. -  Owen G. Jones - Denison, Texas

Rob Joseph takes you Everywhere and Beyond in his series of science fiction thrillers. Signed copies of From Here to Everywhere, Everywhere and Beyond, Everywhere in the Omega Galaxy and Everywhere in the Alpha Dimension are available at Penwicke's. -Beth and Gary Tanner - Owners of Penwickes Book Shop

Just finished the 4th book in the Everywhere series.  I enjoy reading the books and seeing how the happy ending will come to be.  My favorite part in all four books is the happy ending.  I love books that end that way.  The Everywhere books give you enough adventure, relationship, and suspense to keep you quessing as to what might happen next.  In the end you know that good will always triumph over evil.
Christi Siegher - Menasha, Wisconsin (Rob's 2nd Daughter and mother of four beautiful children.)

Book III - Everywhere in Omega Galaxy
Since it had been a while, I decided to reread book III in your "Everywhere" series before reading book four.  I found to my delight that, as much as I had enjoyed reading it the first time, I enjoyed it even more the second time!  I really like how you wrote the time travel part. It fascinated me and it matched what I think could happen if it actually occurred.  I hope to see some more time travel in future books!

Book IV - Everywhere in the Alpha Dimension
Once again you amaze me with the imagination and skill in which you keep the characters interacting.  The Alpha Dimension became very alive and the challenges which are dealt with are very intriguing.

I have truely enjoyed reading your books. You are a very talented author and I hope the best for you.  I am looking forward to book five.  Take care and  have a great day!
-Alicia Davis, Waterford, Michigan
Dad, you have done it again!  Adding a whole new dimension to the game truly shakes things up while promising more adventure to come.  Being able to read the characters' thoughts gives the reader a better understanding of where they are coming from.  You give just enough background so that this book can stand on its own.  The issue of power and responsibility is explored and shows an every-day man working hard to keep things on track.  I enjoyed the quick pace and action sequences of this book.  I know there is more adventure to come and look forward to diving in once again!  Tiffini Duff--Grand Prairie, Texas. (Rob's Firstborn daughter, mother of two darlings, Pianist and song writer.)

"Rob Joseph has taken something that everyone knows about from the Star Trek movies and shows and turned it into a fast paced thrill ride with more twists and turns than a Formula 1 race track.  Joseph's story of the development of teleportation technology is a unique idea that not only brings a fascination to his story but makes you want to go back and watch Captain Kirk and all of the old Star Trek episodes again just to see it

work." - Ernie Dempsey, High School Counselor.
"Dear Mr Joseph, I just finished your second book,  I really enjoyed it.  I could hardly put them down, as they were so interesting.  I can't wait to read the others, they were so well written, and makes one think these things can really happen.  I also like the fact that they are clean and have values.  I feel there are a lot of people who appreciate this.  Keep up the good work. Sincerely, Janice Lopez" - Chatsworth, Georgia

“I have just completed reading Book IV, Everywhere in the Alpha Dimension.  Rob, space exploration is our last frontier.  Space travel, teleportation, far galaxies, and new dimensions - all dreams of man.  And yet, your gift of genius has brought them into a realm of reality and through the pages of your books we live them.  You write with amazing knowledge and technical savvy, yet completely understandable by non-techs like me.  The most action packed books available to any reader and yet nowhere offending language, or graphic violence.  The characters quickly become friends and family they are written with such depth and dimension.  Believing this to be the last "Everywhere" book, as I neared the end, I feared there were not enough pages to resolve everything. [Forgive my lack of faith in your genius].  As always, you did a superb job of keeping the reader on the edge of her seat and I read the last page with both a sigh of relief [the good prevailed] and a great sadness to leave these people and this realm.  Congratulations, Rob.  One reviewer said of Book 3 "you really hit your stride with this one . . .”  Book IV was even better.   . . . . .   What's this last page?  A note from the author . . [gasp!]. . Book V is coming??  Hooray!  Rob, I can't wait!  Put in my order for 3 copies." Angie Turbak, Fuquay Varina, North Carolina

“When Rob Joseph first told me he was an author, I thought he was like all the other authors.  Basically a no talent quack.  (no offense Rob)  but as I started reading his first book, I was truly astonished and surprised to read of characters as complex and multidimensional as any you would read by RA Salvatore and Robert Jordan, not to mention the story line was superb.

     Right now I have just finished book 4, ‘Everywhere in the Alpha Dimension’, and I can say with honesty that I’m still surprised at the technological genius that Mr. Joseph puts in his books.  That he knows all this futuristic lingo and better yet can spell some of them!!  With the twisted genius of Hardison James and the new criminals, the Slarg, I am hoping that the author will write for many years to come, so that I might enjoy all his books.

     Hats off to Mr. Joseph.  May all His days be filled with happiness and a good computer.” -   Josh Brownfield - Dalton, Georgia

“They're here - my books!  Thank you so much!  I had forgotten the dedication  - and what a shock to see my name in print.  Thank you so much Rob for such an  honor.  You are so very humble; the credit for it all goes to you, the author.

  I have just read the prologue and first three pages.  You did some wonderful  editing, Rob, from the first drafts I was privileged to read.  Every change is  absolute perfection!  Why, oh why, these books are not mainstream published  and on every shelf I will never understand!  Never!  The genius of these books  is beyond my pitiful ability to express.  That's all I can write . . .  Everywhere in the Alpha Dimension awaits!

Kudos to Michael for the breathtaking jacket design on 4. In fact, on all 4  books.   What a talent!  Now when someone gets smart enough to  publish all your  books, hopefully they will also be smart enough to hire Michael for their  design work.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I'm so excited to read . . . . .       Rob,  I hate to mention this just as you have published Book IV BUT . . . what will  I do when the last page is read? . . . .   Begin with Everywhere and Beyond  again and relive the whole adventure!” Angie Turbak - Fuquay Varina, North Carolina

More Rave Reviews by our great readers...

"I love the fast pace of From Here to Everywhere. The characters are strong and vivid. I dove right into the pages and stayed until the last word. Then for days I carried the story around in my head, wishing I could be teleported to the store... to the other side of the world. Magnificent!"-Diane Batten author of the Books of Pal-Li.

"With the background that I have as an engineering / technology Teacher, I was fascinated with the up-to-date and new to-come technology that Mr. Joseph was able to develop in his books. His engineering vocabulary is astonishing; ...Mr. Joseph's fiction is on the cutting edge of being real. In time when his books become top selling movies everyone will be visualizing the future." - Mark Hines, Engineering Technology teacher, Dalton High School, Dalton, Georgia

"I finished the book over the weekend. Yes, you can post it on your website. I know someone who would enjoy reading the series and will plan on giving them Book 1 for Christmas. I really like the idea of teleportation and how you developed it in ‘From Here to Everywhere’. I was glad to see how they defeated the dishonest and were able to think of how to change future situations by what they just experienced. Also, how the families they could trust were very interested and willing to assist them in the project. I truly enjoyed the story and was sorry to see the book end. I am looking forward the next ones. It is easy reading and like other reviews, you don't want to put the book down. Thank you again for a wonderful look into teleportation." Sincerely, Carol Glardon, Bolingbrook, IL

"I finished Book 3 last night. These have been wonderful to read.  Is Book 4 ready?  Have to find out if Book 1 that I gave to a friend if they finished it and how they liked it.  Thank you so much.  The storyline is really moving along and the way the characters are developed is just wonderful. Exciting to read how the children are grown, married and having children of their own.  Really enjoy that the good are rescued and the bad are in prison.  Sincerely, Carol Glardon

"I found From Here to Everywhere an interesting and well-paced book that kept me interested throughout the entire book. The flow of the book and development of the characters was well done. The premise of the book kept my interest because it dealt with a subject I think any fan of science fiction has always thought about. The characters were well defined and I got a real sense of who they were and what they felt they needed to do to make the world a better place to live. Some might take issue with the use of a semi-religious theme, but I believe you could never have understood their motivations and desires without this part of the book. (The Author) took the best and worst of humanity and blended it into a very enjoyable book. I look forward to reading the next book in the series." - Dave Bledsoe, Retail Manager, Dalton, Georgia.

"Rob, I have just finished reading Everywhere in the Omega Galaxy. Once more you have have kept me captivated. Hard as I try to understand teleportation it is just beyond my ability to understand. Thank you for another great read." Dicksie Francis , Dalton, Georgia

"As a teacher of reading on the high school level, I am always looking for books for my kids. From Here to Everywhere is a book that would hold their interest, I don't have to worry about language or bad "stuff". It is an "easy read" and very, very interesting. Thanks to Mr. Joseph! My question is, "When will the next one be available?" - Pam Hines - High School Reading Teacher - Dalton, Georgia

"Rob, just finished book 3 last week. In my opinion it's your best yet. This one I had a tough time putting down and used lunch breaks and plane rides to their full extent. You ask at the end for comments on a book 4 (moving from a trilogy to a quadrilogy - if there be such a word) I'm curious to where you will take us next so I recommend you dust off the keyboard and get started." -Dave Wilson, Woodridge, IL

"In reading Robert Joseph's second book, 'Everywhere and Beyond', I could not lose the impression of what is possible when good men engage in a good work. Without sex or explicit acts of violence Robert Joseph is able to captivate his readers by a detailed and realistic expression of humanity's greater aspirations to explore. A very positive uplifting expression about all that is good and right about humanity's struggles to find it's place in an ever complex universe. "This is a book that sticks with you and makes one think. It will keep you up late at night as one chapter quickly leads you into the next. A strong recommend read for all those who believe in the good that stands within each man's hopes and dreams. I cannot wait to read his third book..." -Bill Campbell, Quality Engineer - Chatsworth, GA .

"Rob, You really hit your stride with this book('Everywhere in the Omega Galaxy'). I think every book has drawn me a little deeper into the families and lives of the people you have brought to life. This is the best one yet and I am looking forward to the next one. The technology is there with just a hint of something beyond this world that we know. You have captured the essence of each different planet and made the readers want to know them better and understand them more. I like the fact you have let the families grow and develop throughout the three books. I was just waiting for that first interplanetary marriage and I like who you chose to be the first. It flowed so well and you made sure the reader was involved in the book. You know that I thought you might have interwoven the Church a little too much for lay readers in your first book. THIS ONE WAS JUST RIGHT. Never loose the essence of our creator and what life is all about both in this world and the world to come but you blended it into the story so much better. A job well done. I want to be the first one to know when the next one comes out." - Dave Bledsoe, Retail store manager, Dalton, Georgia

"I picked up Book III and read all again. I thought the segment on time travel was really good. For me, the major question would be changing history. I liked the dialogue and it answered my questions. The events are rapid fire after that - and that is the way teleportation and time travel occur! I could see this in a movie . . . . the audience would be flashed from place to place to see the events. In the original time, a young couple picnicked and then BOOM! Their entire world was space dust. After the Time Travel Team takes the Spectari ship we see that same couple continuing to enjoy their picnic - seeing the asteroid in the distance just disappear! Well, Spielberg would do it better . . . . :) If these can't be published, maybe we should just go for the movie . . . I just love the whole concept of these books. ... What wonderful "feel good" books based on a unique ingenious idea! I have enjoyed so much reading this and eagerly await the conclusion! On the one hand I want to know how they find and deal with James, and on the other I will hate to see the last page read . . . Good work, Rob! I am sure (a mainstream) publisher will be smart enough to recognize your genius. " - Angie Turbak - formerly Lisle, Illinois, now Fuquay Varina, NC.

"From Here To Everywhere was Great! ...Being a Mom, & a teacher-- it really moved me! I loved the attention to Detail, & I'd like this to be an actual mode of transport in the here & now. I regret the distractions that took me away from this book-- once I got started, it was difficult to go on to "business as usual"--I look forward with anticipation to the other two. I aslo enjoyed the book because my Dad was a newspaperman and I could relate to that part of the story... - Rhonda Joseph(No relation I am aware of) - Dalton Georgia

"I am a reader who marvels at the author's imagination! Everywhere in the Omega Galaxy is great! The capabilities and possibilities of teleportation had already exceeded my vision - then you introduce time travel! Those Spectari are cunning and ruthless . . . . . there can be no heroes without a formidable villain! All new characters introduced are given lives and we are brought into them. We rejoice in their happiness, understand the parent's concern for their children still struggling to 'find themselves', sigh with the trials of young love, all amid the thrill of this ever evolving technology. The "Joining Day" was touching and well woven into the fabric of this story; giving dimension and insight into those characters and their culture - and bringing the reader closer to them. Few among us have never experienced love and wished such joy for all. Meanwhile, galaxy-wide we see the civilizations previously controlled by tyrannies that mirror our own world, now trying to understand the complexities of "freedom" and "equality." All these elements are smoothly woven into the story. Where will this awesome technological discovery of 'time travel' take us? Can we locate the Spectari before they destroy the Omegans - or return to Earth and reign havoc by stealing devices that will allow them to become a threat to the Universe??? Will Greg and Jenny ever confess their feelings?? Stay tuned . . . . . . I now eagerly await the completion of the book. Can I put in an advance order for two copies?" - Angie Turbak, Fuquay Varina, NC.

"I started reading (Book III) and reluctantly left it when my daughter and grandson came over today. It's already got me hooked!! Rob, what the world needs is to be able to read something uplifting and hopeful. Something that when you close it you wish the characters were real. Something that leaves you with a warm, good feeling deep inside. Your books do that. And number three is right on! Thanks for this opportunity(to preview it). I consider it a blessing and privilege to be able to read this." Angie Turbak, Fuquay Varina, NC.
"I finished your book From Here to Everwhere last night. I admire all the situations you have brought up in regards to teleportation. What a creative imagination you have. I really enjoyed it. Oh, and how great to bring a romance and marriage under the supervision of the Presidents wife. You get a gold star for that. Keep up the good work." - Arthur Kocherhans, Murray, Utah

“Wow! ‘From Here to Everywhere’ is a great book! This book has really inspired me to be a good missionary and at the same time taught me to make the right choice in romance and boyfriend - in the future of course. But it just shows that you can build your spirit. Also this book is filled with adventures and problems while trying to make a breakthrough of a lifetime. So mostly I’d recommend this book.” Christalyn Decker - Turning age 12

"Robert, you have a great book(From Here to Everwhere ). I got started by learning that word teleportation. How fascinating. I am now ready to start chapter 17. I admire how you can think of all the angles you have for your story. I'm anxious to see how Dr. Vaughn and his group are going to use their work for the good of mankind." - Arthur Kocherhans, Author of "Lehi's Isle of Promise"

"I finished your second book yesterday. I am happy to say you are a good story teller and I am always impressed with the way you are able to tell the stories and keep all the things together. Everywhere and Beyond has all the good qualities found in From Here to Everwhere and adds another exciting element with the introduction of the Spectari with unrelenting attempts to do bad. Even to the end, if in fact their end has been seen, they were not remorseful for the wrong things done. How like some of those upon our earth. I enjoyed your perspective about life upon other planets." - Norm Johnson, Woodridge, Illinois, Laboratory Director

"Rob - I just finished Book II and it is even better than the first "Everywhere!" The new characters added to "the family" are just what we would hope to find "out there." The action is non-stop and once I began reading I could not put it down until I finished. It is an exciting, and wonderful story dealing with unique subject matter. I could only hope this would become reality. It is so rare today to pick up a book and feel uplifted by its reading. Again, I was sorry to read the last words, close the book and leave these people I have come to think of as new family. Looking forward to Book III. All success in its completion!" - Angie Turbak, Lisle, Illinois

"From Here to Everywhere" is a good read that is very hard to put down. I enjoyed reading it for the first time. I felt like I was actually transported into the story with the characters, witnessing everything. A few months later, I had the opportunity to read it again, and it was just as good the second time as it was the first time around and still hard to put down. This would be a runaway hit so easily if given the right exposure. I'm glad I had the chance to be among some of the first to read it! - Tiffini Duff, Grand Prairie, Texas (Piano Teacher and Homemaker, and also Rob's eldest daughter)

" I completed Book I last night. Some former reviewer said, "Wow" and I second that. I could not predict the events that would happen and they moved so fast that I couldn't read rapidly enough to find out what was coming next! The ending was superb. If ever there was a book written that I would hope to become a reality, this is THE ONE. Especially now when peace is just a distant dream and hope. I love the cast of characters and hated to leave them when the book was finished; I wanted to stay with them. That's all I have time to write - Book 2 awaits! And I hope Book 3 won't be far behind??? I wish you success with the publisher, Rob. Your wonderful book will be just a real treat for any reader." - Angie Turbak, Lisle, Illinois

"A great read for Sci-Fi fans of all ages. I really enjoyed this book. I have always wondered how they discovered the transporter beams that they use in most of the Sci-Fi shows, and this book tells the tale. It has a lot of great action, adventure, humor and romance. I would best describe it as high tech Sci-Fi with a bit of old-fashioned, classic feel to it. It is reminiscent of the some of the early and original classic Sci-Fi masters like Anderson and Bradbury."
- Robert R. Hotchkiss author of Earth of Fire, Sky of Ice.
"Robert: I finished your book last evening. I found it enjoyable reading. It was both imaginative and suspenseful. I am sharing it with a friend. To me you have the same audience potential as the author of "The Work And The Glory" by Gerald Lund, published by Bookcraft, and "Children Of The Promise" by Dean Hughes, published by Deseret Book." - Neil W. Zundel, Oakbrook, Illinois - Retired President of the American Institute of Steel Construction - (Also  Former Regional Representative and current Stake Patriarch)

"Recently read "From Here to Everywhere". It was a very interesting read. A book I could hardly lay down. I read it in four evenings. The characters were interesting, the story line was good and I could hardly wait to see what was to occur next and best of all I did not have to be bothered with smut or bad language. I will want to read the next one when it becomes available." - Norm Johnson, Woodridge, Illinois

"Wow, that was the first word that came to mind as I laid the book down just after finishing the first chapter! The story line is not only solid, but believable. I think the strength of the characters just adds to a very strong story line. 'From Here to Everywhere' reminds me of Ray Bradbury's style of science fiction, by mixing real science and fantas
Deloris & Rob Joseph
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